Saturday, May 8, 2010

And i'm BACK!

So clearly i've been MIA for a long time huh? One post in April is NOT good. The last time I posted I was in a rut. Well, times have changed and I've created some beautiful new things. I spent all day scrapbooking on National Scrapbooking day.

I was able to complete a mini-album for M's Gran. I made a mini-book from pictures of our trip to Toronto during Family Day weekend. I added some journaling to a present for a friend that's been a year in the making. I also completed 2 layouts for my Ali Edwards course which means that's almost complete. I also made a few other layouts based on a variety of things.

Most exciting was using my sewing machine on a layout. I had a private lesson with a local store called Yarn Forward & Sew On here in Ottawa. I learned how to thread the darn thing and all things associated with the basic operation of it. It's about time. I've had it for what feels like forever. So I also have a few projects up my sleeve with the sewing machine as well.

On another note-my birthday is in two weeks and I got an early present two weekends ago. I got a Canon Rebel XSi. I am beyond excited! I've been playing around with it and used it to take some beautiful pictures of children and their parents at school for a canvas class I taught last week.

I also used it for Matthew's show with his new band "The Midden's". They played at the Pizza Party at Nine on Thursday night. Of course, I was all dressed up so I had to take some self-shots. Here's one of my favourites...

This is also pretty funny...a thinking /figuring out shot...
I also love this Ali Edwards of me...

Speaking of the genious of Ali Edwards...Her week in the life album is out. The week she did it I was in a cranky mood so I didn't participate. I was so inspired that I think i'm going to do one this week. I have a lot going on but it should be a good one to document. Classes start for my M.Ed again, my running schedule is nuts and I'm heading to NY for leadership weekend at camp on Friday evening. Some fun pictures to be taken for sure.


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  1. WOOT WOOT WOOT glad to see you :) :) But you tease us, please post your creations...I love seeing your work :)