Thursday, March 1, 2012

What did you do on Leap Day?!

Where did February go?! Seriously?!

So how DID you spend your extra day yesterday? Here's a little of what I did...



This project has been bothering me for ages. These railings look like somebody doodied all over them and just wiped it right in. Excuse the grossness-but frankly I just couldn't stand them anymore!

I had no idea it would be so labor intensive though. I've spent the last 3 days sanding,




and painting.


It took nine hours today to paint these railings. Spindles= 4 hours. Seriously. I know right, I'm nuts?! But, the result is AWESOME and so crisp and clean. This isn't the best picture due to the lighting but you get the idea...


That's M at the top inspecting after he got home from work! I love them. Happy Leap Day to me!

So after all my hard work I treated myself to a bowl of homemade red velvet ice cream and this...


...a class I've had my eye on over at Studio Calico with Maggie Holmes. I love her style. This project is a little out of my comfort zone but that seems to be the flavor of the month around here-trying something new. A little birdie sent me an email convincing me to take it with her today! We are so good at enabling one another-thanks Sara! ;)

Speaking of things that are out of my comfort zone-

I dragged out my sewing machine this past weekend. Made a pillow case-picture to come-and then, since I had it out anyways, I used it to make some of those awesome little mini albums that I saw over on the October Afternoon blog a while ago. They are ready to be filled with adventures-I have a feeling there might be a little mini coming my way about painting a railing!


I even added a little washi tape to the spines. Best part- used up a whole bunch of scraps. Love that!!! So cute.

So, what did you do to celebrate your leap day?!



  1. You've put a lot of work into that banister! Totally worth it! Looks great!

  2. first, kudos to you on that awesome painting project. simply amazing.

    second, I signed up for that SC class, too. so funny. hope you post pics of your altered book.

  3. AWESOME JOB.. but you know how it goes once we crafters get started.. it hard to get us to stop.. great job.....

  4. Beautiful railings and adorable little minis!

  5. The Banister turned out beautifully!!! Love the white.

  6. The railing looks awesome! We bought a place back in 200 that needed a lot of work. We painted for 2 weeks before moving in but it made such a difference!

  7. Well, you have been busy! Those railings look great! I love the white over that brown.

  8. Beautifully done! It's a vast improvement! I hope it felt worth it!

  9. This is great, can you come and paint my stairway too, it's almost exactly like yours, except my walls need painting too! Love Penny

    1. The walls are next on my list Penny don't you worry. The peachy=pink is not my thing but deciding on a paint colour is proving to be difficult! lol.

  10. That's a big project! I bet it feels good to cross that off the list. It looks amazing! :)

  11. um, fabulous! i love the results but I don't think I could ever do it -- my attention span is TOO.SHORT!