Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Project Life

I saw Mary Ann post her project life *Week 18* yesterday and realized I had a whole bunch of project life layouts that you haven't seen yet.

I'm still enjoying this project even though it's become less about getting it done every week and more about catching up.

Here's what I've completed.

The first two weeks are the ones that flanked 'Week in the Life'. I combined each week into one page protector.


And here's a close up shot of the first week...


and the week after 'Week in the Life'. I didn't take many pics this week because I was CRAZY busy but I did document the retreat weekend where I had an awesome time.


We went back to our usual two page layout for the following week of May 6-12. Tried something a little different with my title card this time around.


Full page spread:


Highlights include Eugene's first real haircut, discovering I like sushi, meeting the premier, discovering ducks and a big bake sale for Taffety at The Paperie.


And this is the following week:


Tried something a little different again with my date card-saw this idea on Elise Blaha's blog-using a photo for my date. I also added some digital stuff to my pics before I printed them.


My favourite photo. Love them.


Highlights included lots of walks & great weather, an interview and The Dance Centre's annual show at The Arts & Culture Centre. Another great week.

As you can tell I am wayyy behind-again. It's already halfway through June! Ick. Planning on getting on that later this week.

How's your PL coming along? Are you 'keeping up' or are you stuck in 'catch up' mode like me?!



  1. great PL, love the washi tape title card and the one inspired by Elise! Still very not sure i want to start a PL, it does sound like a lot of work!

  2. Love your washi'd title card. I like using photos for titles, too. Good luck with your catch-up! I've only got 6 of the 23 weeks done so you're not THAT far behind! :)

  3. LOOKING good. I too am way behind!

  4. I love your pages, you have some great details! That pup is adorable.

  5. I'm a couple weeks behind right now. It's the weather! I haven't been motivated to do it, it's so hot and sunny.
    Your album looks great!