Monday, December 10, 2012

To Blog or Not to Blog...

Now that's a question.

December brings so much chaos with it doesn't it? Pressure to participate in crafty activities like December Daily. Taking pictures every day. Shopping for the perfect presents-or making them in my case this year! Planning and executing parties which includes baking, cleaning, etc. So, with all this craziness I've neglected this little old blog. Apologies folks but you'll have to forgive me. It's crazy around here.

So I'm here with an updated-a '5 For Friday' on a Monday if you will!

1. First of all a huge, huge congrats to my good friend and fellow blogger Sara today. She's a new member of the Simple Scrapper design team. She's in great company. I loved being on their team and I know that she is going to do an amazing job.

2. I joined a group of awesome girls last night for the most amazing Chocolate Workshop. We learned how to make chocolates at The Newfoundland Chocolate Company & it was simply amazing awesome, not to mention yummy. It was also somewhat ridiculous. I don't think they knew what hit them.

choc1 choc2

3. I have been taking pictures for my December Daily but I don't have an album ready to go or anything. Well, that's not true actually. Mentally I have it all done I just have to carve out time to actually sit at the table and put it together. I may also have to fix the accidental jungle gym that's been erected for Eugene in the Scrapbooking room.


4. My homemade gifts are progressing. If you follow me on Instagram you'll notice I only have one more quilt to finish-thank goodness. There's a few more things I still have on my list but I'll get there. Still lots of time left.

5. I'm pumped about attending The Paperie's holiday party tonight. Taffety is providing the treats for tonight's event. I'm excited to eat, drink and be merry! Bring on the holiday festivities!



  1. Oh, how fun with the chocolate! Looks like a cool thing to do. Admire you for making your Christmas gifts!

  2. Thanks Krista - I have big footsteps to fill on the team! :)
    And you're about the NL Chocolate Co! We warned them but they really had no idea what was coming down on them with the 12 of us!

  3. That chocolate gathering looks like a great idea.

  4. how does one access Taffety?