Thursday, January 31, 2013

Right Now


listening: Lots of Songza. Gotta love the early 90's r&b playlists.

eating: Lots of healthy food. Snacking on cherries but craving chocolate.
drinking: diet ginger ale + water.
wearing: New glasses. Lots of layers. 2 pairs of socks in the Bluntstones this week for walks & runs.
 feeling: Optimistic.
weather: Cold, cold, wet, cold. Enough said.
watching: Still plowing through episodes of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix + the usual shows on Hulu.
reading: 'The President's Club' & 'The Sweetness of Forgetting'
waiting: For the weekend-it's almost here.
wanting:A sunny, hot vacation.

needing: To get in touch with a few friends I haven't talked to in ages.

thinking: about finishing my 'Keeping Track of Life' class layouts.
enjoying: Everyone's reaction to the big news from The Paperie this week-KP is coming!
wondering: how long it's going to take me to knit that cowl.

wishing: For more of these cuddles this week. It's been a busy week and that means not enough cuddles-for either of us.

*This is part of my 'Keeping Track of Life' series for The Paperie where we chorincle a list of things on the last day of every month.  

Stay tuned tomorrow for a very special 5 for Friday.  I'll be sharing 5 things I'm including in my January PL/Keeping Track of Life class.



  1. adorable picture! looking forward to your class next week.

  2. that pic