Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Right Now


I love reading these lists each month because they are a short glimse into life 'right now'-more thoughts than anything else but I love to see where I am at the end of each month.

listening: Not much really. Children's voices honestly. Maybe a little PaperClipping Roundtable.
eating: Fajitas for dinner tonight.
drinking: more water
wearing:  florals and denim shirts.
feeling: Tired. It was a wonderful weekend of lots of crafty but some very late nights for this girl.
weather: Rain, drizzle and fog today. But my optimistic side says it's warmer at least. No hat or gloves for today's 'Eugene walk'.
watching: An obscene amount of HGTV shows. Holmes on Homes & Leave it to Bryan-love it.
reading: Still 'The Twelve Tribes of Hattie'; about to be junky literature because i'm...
waiting: For our bahamas vacation in 2 and 1/2 weeks.
wanting: A little free time.A trip to the bookstore.
needing: a haircut. Booking that today.
thinking: About our beach vacation. I need to find a new swimsuit. And my flippie floppies.
enjoying: Creating. It was a great weekend of scrapbooking at the bi-annual retreat at the Wilds for The Paperie.
wondering: how I can replace the counter top in the 1/2 bathroom for next to nothing & what I'm going to do to the focal wall.
wishing: For more time to foster relationships for new and old friends.

*This is part of my 'Keeping Track of Life' series for The Paperie where we chorincle a list of things on the last day of every month.  



  1. Foster the friendships! Didn't get any time to talk to you at the Retreat - it kind of sucked...

  2. What a great journaling jumping point! Will have to remember these lists!