Sunday, July 14, 2013

I'm back

I've been back from O-Town for a week now and man, have I kept myself busy. There's been project after project that I've been crossing off my list-crafty & otherwise. I have so much to share with you including a re-cap of our Ottawa adventures, some scrapbooking projects, sewing projects, DIY projects and more. And I still owe you pics of our half bathroom remodel.

So, I'm going on a two week blogging binge-expect a post every day for the next two weeks. Then I'll be taking a little hiatus for a week long vacation.

Starting today with a little re-cap of our Ottawa adventures.

Basically Eugene & I had all kinds of adventures!

Like we celebrated L's second birthday!

IMG_3568 IMG_3579

And we went for walks with Kobe...


and swims too...


And sunset walks in the park...


And shared toys...

 IMG_8099 IMG_8107

We made a visit to Hintonburger of course.


And we ate ice cream for an ice cream truck! (On our Summer hit list)


Sometimes it got so warm E dug himself a spot on the floor in my suitcase.


And we chased little boys of course. 


I also got to have lunch with a ton of friends and have catch up lunches with some of my favorite people-they know who they are! I got to see L in his swimming class and eat great food from favorite old haunts & new ones too. And I got to have a great girls night.

Thanks to Allison for a shot but sweet sleepover in the burbs! And a great big shout out to Mike & Nicole, our dear friends, who put up with Eugene & I in their space for a long, long time. They were more than kind to let us hole up in their house and let our dog run wild with theirs! I think that Eugene made a new bestie and is still recuperating with multiple naps a day to regain his strength!

Stay tuned for a nerdy announcement coming soon ie. the adventures of Eugene & Kobe.


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