Friday, March 21, 2014

5 For Friday

Here we are again. Another Friday. I, for one, am happy it's the weekend. Any big plans for you this weekend?!

1. I recently started watching Veronica Mars. After seeing Kristen Bell on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last week I want to see the movie. But first, I need to watch the first three seasons of the show.

2. Elise Blaha's second MAKE29 project goes live tomorrow. You better believe that I'll be nabbing this one too-wooden ampersands. I'm thinking I'll have to make room on my gallery wall for this one. Or add it to our living room decor.

3. I found this idea on Pinterest and it is really appealing to me. It's also another use for my silhouette. I need to add some plants to my decor. We've been filling the house with more flowers lately and they are really getting me in the spring mood. Now, if only the weather would cooperate.

4. Also totally obsessed with this video.

5. These Milktapes might be the cutest thing ever. A mixtape that's actually a USB stick?! Seriously? Adorable.

Have a wonderful weekend! I'm hoping for spring temperatures & clear blue skies with a dose of sunshine tossed in there. A girl can dream right?!



  1. Loving every one of your five today! And I, also, am obsessed with that video, it's the bomb!

  2. So fun! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Oh wow I love those Milktapes! I want one! x