Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Scream, You scream, We all scream for...

April came along and I had spring fever. Anyone who knows me accepts my love of ice cream. The first summer at camp while I was away from Matthew I actually ate my weight in ice cream-eating my feelings again I think....So inspired by that love of mine, Matthew found me a spot here in town where they do their own chocolate-dipped hard ice cream cones! whattttt? It's actually like a drive in spot based on the 50's called "Dick's". It's awesome...we go there for cheap hamburgers and chip truck fries every now and again. So here's the layout I put together with some of those *Yummy* photos....side note: please note the joy on my face while holding that ice cream cone!

On a whole other note...I have been chained to my computer for the last two days. If i'm not working i'm checking discussion threads for my two M.Ed courses this semester. That little word: POSSIBILITY...yeah, just have to keep chanting that one in my head. I hoping the work load will slacken once everyone's routine settles in and people aren't such keeners online...i'm sorry i'm not into checking over 100 posts a day. K. Chin up, unnecessary complaining.

May layout tomorrow...here's a hint: I may have to do another one of these layouts this coming May.


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