Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Honey, I'm home!

So it's back to the real world. After a not-so-brief summer hiatus from scrapbooking and all things craft related (including this blog) it's time to get back into the swing of things. After turning on the sewing machine my mojo has been rejuvenated even if it was only to give some much-needed love to our bedroom curtains which have been begging to be hemmed since last spring!

So the mojo is back. I'm going to crack out the Studio Calico kits tonight I think! In the meantime Ali's post today inspired me. She's identifying four simple goals for the remainder of 2010. Fall is the season for all things new and those rich colors inspire us to enrich our lives. So here are my four simple goals for Fall 2010:

1. Focus on school. With two threads of school running through my life it's become harder to achieve a fine balance between teaching and graduate school. I'm taking two M.Ed courses again this term and team teaching grade 5/6. I have lots of new, fun ideas now I just have to get organized and implement them!

2. Focus on my feet. It's been months since the half-marathon and I haven't been very diligent about running and general fitness. Cathy Z. and Ali's recent endeavors have been a source of inspiration as well. Her's riding the fitness train.

3. Focus on extracurricular activities. I need an activity. All our friends have 'activities'. They go to trivia, bowling, etc. M has his band. I need an evening activity.

4. Focus on sharing. I'm going to share my talent this fall-scrapbooking, dancing, something. Maybe a little volunteer work?!

All this goal-setting reminds me of my 'one little word' for 2010: possibility. I set 12 goals for myself and so far I've achieved 7.5 of them. I still have a few left and some may not be met i.e a new home?! ;)

So on my scrapbooking to-do list:
1. A Summery of Camp 2010
2. Bermuda Bound

Stay tuned for progress reports...


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