Monday, August 9, 2010

WOW! Talk about MIA...

So i've been MIA for the last 3+ months. Life has been hectic to say the least. May/June was spent winding up and down from school, both graduate studies and teaching. We ended on June 23rd and I hopped on a plane to camp immediately-like 2 hours later.

Camp this summer was amazing. I had an awesome summer. Each one has it's ups and down but this one was really good. The Italians were back with their usual antics and their "Kreeeesta! I luvvvvv you!". It was hard to say goodbye to them at the end of the first three weeks. But I have lots of pictures and memories to keep me going for the next 10 months. Second session was crazy. I tutored two kids-bringing my 'real' life and my 'camp' life together for once. It was difficult to make time but nice to recognize that part of me in camp. It was fun and I had two great girls to work with. CLUE was a hit as a "Twilight" theme. We had a "Hoedown Throwdown" on girls side and I ran two Apache relays in one morning during colour war. A few great days off with D rounded out the summer-one in particular that involved Margaritas and some eye-opening realizations with some old/new friends. After a tough night of crying and goodbyes we boarded the bus on Saturday to head home. I spent the evening with Emilie and Erika, my two oldest camp friends, having dinner at Tre in NYC and had a blast. I love reminiscing about our good times at camp circa 2002/2003.

So here I am at home. I got back yesterday at noon. M is sooooo happy to have me back and i'm pumped to spend a few weeks decompressing and getting back on my 'life track'. I'm registered for courses again in the Fall semester and this year I will have tons of time to prepare for school. No wedding this summer. It's hard to believe that it's been nearly a year since we got married. For our anniversary M and I are going to Bermuda on Sunday and we can't wait!

So i'll have tons of pictures of camp, Bermuda and my new studio calico kits soon. For now I figured a small update was enough...more soon.


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