Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I forgot...

...how good Dawson's Creek was.

So last night I sat down in an effort to scrap and slid an old favourite into the blue ray player-Dawson's Creek. Ironically it was the season premiere of Season 4-Pacey & Joey's return to Capeside and the introduction of Dawson's new found hobby: photography. Unfortunately, I was less inclined to scrapbook my photography. I got sucked in by the mellow drama and relocated to the couch to reminisce in the old days of 10th grade when Friday nights meant extra-buttered popcorn, Vanilla Coke & Dawson's Creek episodes with my best friend on my bedroom floor.

I did find some pictures of layouts made over the weekend that I hadn't uploaded. More double page layouts for our yearly album!

August-Bermuda, a one year anniversary & the final Cripplers show.


September-Jeremy came to visit, we went to Karaoke, school went back in session & Fall started to bloom in our house and the market.


Maybe if I can pry myself away from Dawson + friends I will get a layout or two done this week. Stay tuned!


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