Friday, November 5, 2010

5 For Friday

I've been MIA all week. I've been busy working on case studies and papers for my M. Ed courses. This month is going to be nuts to say the least. So much to do. But, for now, it's FRIDAY!

1. One week ago we went to Newfoundland for the weekend. I've had a 'Newfoundland hangover'- a.k.a 'I wish I were at home'-all week. Here's a shot of me and the girls...I miss them too much! (Note: Meighan left before we got the picture!)


2. Tomorrow I am joining my favourite scrapbooking friend for some shopping. I need a new album and some page protectors for sure.

3. This is what I did this evening. I had about 35-40 layouts that needed to find homes. I blogged about my stack a little while ago here.


4. My christmas cards are DONE. Well, almost. I have to include our photo and sentiment but in my eyes that's the easiest part.


5. I am loving the 'hipstomatic' feature on my iphone. It takes some seriously fun photos. Here's a few I took of Granddad and M playing pool on Monday.


Bonus: This guy is participating in Moustaches for Kids this month. This is the one week progress. Hilarious! He can't grow a proper moustache!


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