Tuesday, November 30, 2010

One more sleep

So tomorrow begins the month of December and I am EXCITED. I am charging my camera batteries tonight. My printer ink has been refilled and I am READY.

My goal this year is to journal and tell a story with each page. That's something that I haven't done in the past. Looking back at my other albums I am so happy that this has become part of my December traditions. I love seeing all the things that kept us busy during the holidays. This year will be my third year participating and I'm planning on sticking with the same process as I have in the past.

I am not one of those people who are able to scrapbook every day as they happen. I tend to chunk my picture development into sections and then do a bunch of pages at once. Beginning this weekend other scrapbooking activities will take a back burner to my December Daily project.

Tomorrow night M and I are putting up the Christmas tree. What a way to start December. I am PUMPED!!!

If you are participating in putting together your own December Daily good luck! I'll be back with some pictures of my album as soon as I have some layouts. Check out Ali's blog daily to see her progress as well.


P.S: T!m Holtz is beginning his 12 tags of Christmas series tomorrow as well. Check out his blog for pictures and instructions. His style is a little grungy/vintage for me but the boy's got talent. There's no denying that!

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