Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I have been a lazy blogger...

...lately. I don’t have any *good* excuses for that either. Here’s what’s happened in the last week:

*We went to M’s Aunt’s and Uncles house last week for the season premiere of Republic of Doyle

*Our friends Allison & Paul came to visit, buy a house and hang out in Ottawa for a week.

*We went to Haveli (amazing Indian) for dinner.

*We ate dinner at the Brookstreet Hotel & saw two of the Calgary Flames hockey players checking into their hotel.

*Then we went to watch the Calgary Flames vs. the Ottawa Sens. We left after the 2nd period. Sens lost: 3-2. Shocker.

*We had a dinner party with a bunch of friends. It was a lot of fun.

*I made a mini-album that I’m teaching to a group of kids at school next week.

*I started a new book, The Kite Runner. Plowing through it because it’s so good.

*Our car battery wouldn’t start Monday morning. A.k.a “It’s too cold in this stupid city!”

Looks like we had a busy week. Tomorrow's Wednesday and we're mid-way through the week. Yeah! This weekend we are heading to Mont Tremblant for some cottage fun with friends.


P.S: I'll have pictures of my mini-album to post later in the week.

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