Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend Update & A Mini-Album


*watched 'Love & Other Drugs'-it was amazing! See it! Great movie!
*saw 'No Strings Attached'-it's a rental. Not worth the popcorn and admission fees at the theatre.
*ate too much junk food
*but hit the gym and felt a little less guilty about the said food eaten
*got lots of school work done
*watched multiple episodes of 'Mad Men'-good show!
*cleaned my house
*made chili and watched the superbowl

I managed to finish that mini album that debuted in my 5 for Friday post. It's simple but I like the way it turned out. Here's a few quick snapshots.



Used a transparency to introduce each day of the weekend and break the book into sections:


Different size pages and elements to jazz it all up a bit:


A little transparency pocket to hold my instax pics! I like to be able to pull these out at my leisure:


Simple. Cute. Fast. I had it all done in a few hours. Then I moved onto Project Life.

Come back to see my progress on that tomorrow!


1 comment:

  1. This mini is so cute! Love the transparency you used. Is that Hambly?