Friday, April 15, 2011

Five for Friday

1. I bought a cool new app for my iphone called pocketbooth. It's amazing! I can tell it will come in handy! Here's a strip of shots I took at recess today!


2. I caught these snapshots Wednesday night. Busted! That would be the ice cream container from the ice cream maker in his hands-yes, he's eating out of the bowl like a small child. I can't scold him because let's face it-we've all been there!




3. M & I cleaned out our closets last night. He found $65 in a pair of pants. Made the chore much less painful!

4. I ran 4 miles yesterday at 9 minutes. I have had an awesome running week this week. Tuesday I ran my 10km in well under an hour. I ran my 5km in well under a half hour. I'm getting faster which will make running with M for the half-marathon MUCH easier!

5. This weekends scrapbooking to do list looks a little like this:
*catch up on project life (It's still in February-limbo)
*work on sketch #3,4, & 5
*scrap a layout using mist and some punches for a cool background
*maybe print some of the Montreal pics to scrapbook

I'm hoping for a productive weekend. Wish me luck tonight with the Bachelorette party! I'm sure it will be a blast!



  1. We all have been there---eating ice cream out of the carton. Is that homemade? Great job on running! Fun weekend plans, I hope to be that productive!

  2. I love the busted photos... so great... Thanks for sharing...

  3. I love the photobooth app, how fun! I can totally see myself buried in a bucket of ice-cream...too funny! Great job on your running, you will do fine keeping up with M, good luck with the 1/2!