Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Right now I am...

wishing: I were right there-with warmer weather of course. On second thought, right now I'd take the 10 degrees it was that day!




listening: More by Usher-I can't get enough of this when I run. It's like my anthem.
reading: just started "A Secret Kept"by Tatiana De Rosney. I also recommend "Sarah's Key". It's fabulous.
watching: The Good Wife. Just started watching the first episode. I'm obsessed to the point that I am watching episodes on the internet which waiting for my DVD copy to come in the mail via
eating: more like "wish I were eating"-Pizza Hut, Chinese Food and Wavy Lays potato chips. Seriously. I've been having intense cravings for days.
drinking: Classic Diet Pepsi
wearing: a very old beige turtleneck and fleece PJ pants. There no shame in being a dirtbag when you get home from a long day of work.
feeling: exhausted. It's been a long day!
weather: too cold. Looking sunnier for tomorrow though. That's good.
wanting: these shoes to arrive
needing: a good night's sleep.
thinking: about Camp this summer. Booked my flight tonight for leadership weekend. That always makes it seem a little more real.
enjoying: wearing flip flops around my house. Yep, I changed from slippers to flip flops in March. I can pretend it's summer indoors even when the weather is the pits outside.

Just a little mid-week recap.



  1. man...... I'd rather be there today too!!!

  2. Great pics Krista.
    I love the Good Wife too.

  3. Thanks for the book recommendations!

    And I remember my husband and I had to take our honeymoon over Christmas break because he was finishing up his last year of school when we got married. We were at Kiawah Island in South Carolina. And it was cold, but we still had a great time! :)

  4. me too!! and I liked the shoes!!!

  5. love your blog post - nice to have a record of days here and there ;-)

    will send you some warm - it was over 90 here last weekend - although this weekend is meant to be pukey :-(

  6. The beach looks so enticing!

  7. Love your pics! And those SHOES!!

  8. Love the pics & your list made me smile!