Sunday, April 3, 2011

Scrapbook on The Road

It's done! I developed photos yesterday and added them to the 'scrapbook'. And that's really what it is. It's a book of scraps from our trip with some photos stuck in there for good measure. It's not really my typical style to have so many bits and pieces of stuff but I feel good about how it turned out.


So here are the highlights:

*love this...used Studio Calico stamps and I love the classic rear-view mirror shot! The journaling on the tag is from our drive down in the car. Authentic journaling-LOVE that.


*Ben & Jerry's Factory tour was a highlight of our trip! Lots of journaling and a picture of a very happy ice cream lover on the back of the bag that the post cards came in.


*List of license plates we saw. Loved doing this. Now I notice license plates whenever I'm driving...


*Shot of us in the hotel in Boston. Using the mirrors again...


*A funny picture of a place called "Johnny Cupcakes" that didn't sell cupcakes. They sold t-shirts. HUH? I didn't get it. + JP Licks ice cream brochure and a peek at the Omni Hotel's Boston Cream pie.


*Story of the Omni Hotel, meeting Shamus (our new authentic Irish friend from Boston) + sitting at the table where JFK proposed to Jackie.


*Celtics game. So much fun. Great seats.


*I didn't want to journal all about our day so I made a list instead.


*Copley Square photos + the cover of the playbill from Mary Poppins


*Illegal photos taken inside the Boston Opera House before Mary Poppins started. It was just too beautiful but shhh don't tell.


*Used lots of tape throughout the book to make it 'scrapbook-y'. More journaling on the back of some tags.


*the only double page layout in the album-Old Orchard Beach. It was so cool to be on the beach during the winter. I've never done that before. It was a beautiful day too!


*A very happy man with his bread bowl of New England Chowder + postcard of Portland. That's something else I included a bunch of throughout the album.


*My favorite photo-taken with M's iphone during our trip through Mount Washington on our way back. I love it because it really shows how much fun I had on this trip. It really was awesome and the best part was sharing it with him!


So that's my first scrapbook on the road. It won't be my last. I loved doing it but I noticed that about halfway through I stopped adding things to the album during the trip itself and just stashed them away and put them in afterwards when I got home. The book came together in 4 1/2 stages:

1. Put the physical book together (pre-trip)
2. Gather and add bits and pieces to the book (until day 4/8)
2.5. Continue to Gather (rest of the trip)
3. Add stuff after getting home (post-trip)
4. Add pictures & embellish (post-trip)

Try it! It's a fun experiment even in just letting go of your 'scrapbooking perfection' and trying something new!



  1. Great album! I'm going to make one of these on my next trip :-)

  2. That looks awesome! You did a great job with this.

  3. Great stuff!! Thanks for sharing your process at the end too...much appreciated! :)

  4. Oh, I LOVE it! TFS! I can't wait to do this for some trips we have planned this summer.

  5. Found you through 2peas-cute, cute album! My 20 something daughter would love your style:)

  6. This is great! I love seeing your take on the concept. It's really inspiring me to do one this summer!

  7. Great album! I'm putting mine together right now, but would love if you posted each page for us to see on Flickr or something. I'll do the same when I'm done.