Friday, May 27, 2011

Five for Friday

1. Everyone's talking 'Project Life' this week. Ali posted her most recent week, MaryAnn had a video up on her blog identifying all her favorite products for 'Project Life' & I've happened on a host of other people who are working on their 'Project Life' albums this week as well. So, I thought I would share where I'm at in my 'Project Life' album as well.



Yep, just got the photos in the mail-finally. Shutterfly is ubber slow to my neck of the woods here in Canada. I got the page protectors while I was at camp-had them delivered in upstate New York and I am ready to put this thing together. I desperately want one of these for this project as well.

Source: K & company

I'm setting myself a goal for my 'Project Life' right here and now on the blog so that I am accountable to it!

Goal: By June 24 (date of departure to NY for summer camp) I will be up to date to June 17.

That means I have to do:
*layout of the month for February, March, April & May
*slot in all the printed photos and date and journal the IMPORTANT events that have happened
*a little embellishment wouldn't hurt
*organize the layouts I've completed for each month and include them in the album

Making that list made me realize that I have a lot of work to do. Guess I better get started this weekend huh?!

2. Today is reveal day at Studio Calico for subscribers. I think my list for items this month is longer than it's ever been. I'm just hoping my little fingers can move quick enough to get all the product I want.

3. My husband gives the BEST gifts. He is great at remembering random things that I say and keeping them in his head for special moments. This week I celebrated my birthday and he gave me a Canon remote control for my SLR. I'm super excited about it.

Source: Amazon

4. Found this on pinterest and am obsessed with this idea. Might have to do this SOON.

source: pinterest

5. This weekend I'm running in the Ottawa Race Weekend Half Marathon. I've been training for 12 weeks now and I AM READY. Bring it. I've got my magic jelly beans packed. My tank top & shorts all clean and ready to go. The GPS is charged and the ipod is loaded with some great motivational tunes. Best of all, after it's all done I get to eat homemade crab cakes and Wavy Lays potato chips-not necessarily together or in that order mind you. But seriously, can you tell I exercise to eat?! I'm planning on doing a before/after scrapbook page with some journaling about my feelings on on the race. I think it will be fun to look back on down the road.

Bonus: This week I took a little jewelery class at a store called FLOCK. It was a lot of fun and apparently not only am I a quick study, but I can mass produce earrings like nobody's business. In a three hour class I made 12 pairs of earrings.

So, I have two pairs to giveaway here on the blog. They are for pierced ears so I'm sorry if your little ears are not pierced. But you could always give them to a friend! Here's a picture of a few pairs. I'll send the winners better pics so they can pick which ones they want.


If you would like to be entered into the draw leave a comment below telling me what you're plans are for this weekend and I will pick a winner on Sunday evening. Comments will close at 6 pm EST. I'll ship out the earrings on Monday to the two lucky winners!

Have a great weekend!




  2. Looks like you have a great Project Life going right now!
    I have to say the June kits at SC are my favorite in a while!!

  3. Great project life! It is really inspiring to give yourself goals to work towards. Good luck for your run!

  4. Love the jewelry you made. The smash stamp is on my wishlist too. It is so cute! Good luck with Project Life. It is something I have always wanted to try but I am so bad about taking photos.

  5. You are further along than I am with Project Life (I have no photos printed-yikes!!). :)
    We are doing some landscaping this weekend but I wish I was taking that jewelry class you took-that is on my list of things I want to accomplish this year!

  6. Great Blog! Enjoy your posts. Thanks for sharing!

  7. love the 30 day photography challenge! What is day 20?