Thursday, May 19, 2011

Right now

listening: a random mix of old & new pop songs for running i.e Brittany Spears & Bryan Adams
eating: lots of fresh cherries
drinking: an obscene amount of water
wearing: my new J. crew ‘Minnie’ pants & a shirt with storks all over it. :)
feeling: relieved it’s almost the weekend
weather: currently not raining-that could change any minute but at least it’s warm outside
wanting: a giant bag of wavy Lays chips and a comfy couch to eat them on
needing: time to work on my M. Ed paper that’s due in a week
thinking: about all the stuff that needs to get done between now and June 24
enjoying: using pinterest for recipes, fashion & scrapbooking inspiration
wondering: what I’ll have for dinner tonight

I like to chronicle this every once in a while. It's a great snapshot of life and probably something I'll use in my Project Life this week.

So, about project life...Is it bad that I'm not up to date? There are all kinds of photos on the way from Shutterfly to add in there but I have three (Feb/Mar/April) monthly layouts to do. That's the plan for the weekend-get those done. THAT and finish scrapbooking photos from our road trip this spring. I have 4 more pages till I'm done.

It's Thursday. What are your plans for the weekend?


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