Thursday, June 9, 2011

Around Here

Around here: Moving boxes are being packed. Stuff is slowly disappearing. The trucks are coming SOON. Reality is slowly setting in. M will be home in less than 3 weeks and I will be at camp.

Around here: I have a stack of books that I can’t wait to read. We cracked open Bobby Flay’s Grill It! book and made some awesome steak sauce for dinner Sunday night. From the same stack, I’m reading The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connolly. It’s been a long time since I read an easy, brainless pocketbook. It’s really good and a great escape from ‘life’ right now. I’m excited to dive into Expressive Photography by the Shutter Sisters as well. I’m thinking that I’ll try a few ideas out when report cards and papers are handed in.


Around here: I’ve been relegated to the corner desk in my bedroom. I have report card and paper deadlines looming. This time of the year is always hard because work piles up and all I really want to do is go outdoors for walks with my husband and runs with my ipod.

Around here: We’re keeping tabs on the NHL and NBA playoff series. We’re rooting for the Vancouver Canucks-being Canadian and all, and Dallas to win the NBA finals. Miami is so overrated-plus Bosh is a tool for leaving the Raptors so he could ride the coattails of Lebron’s big wins. Not that I’m opinionated about it.

Around here: I’m running. It’s keeping me sane and relatively stress-free actually. But it’s hot. The other night it crept up over 35 degrees celsius. I still ran but the air was humid as heck. We’re attempting a tempo run this weekend in an effort to increase our speed. We’re going early to avoid the heat hopefully.

Around here: I’m getting pumped for camp. I have to start packing my bags because we have to pack all the rest of our clothes into boxes for the movers. I wish I were able to devote more time to emails from the ‘camp girls’ and thinking about ‘camp ideas’ but right now it’s on the back burner.

Around here: There is dust collecting on my scrapbooking desk. I attempted to pull out some paper and pictures the other night but it just wasn’t happening. It was too late. I miss my supplies. On the plus side, my Studio Calico box is scheduled to arrive today. Maybe I’ll be inspired and find a few free minutes this weekend.

Around here: I saw Rhianna in concert last night. It was nothing short of AMAZING. Best concert I've been to EVER. At one point she came down into the audience and behind the sound booth and all of a sudden drubs came out of the floor and rose up and she played-right in front of us! It was spectacular! She closed with Umbrella of course. Amazing. Just amazing.





Pictures aren't great but the show certainly was!

Have a great Thursday. Only one more day to the weekend.


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  1. Great post! We are rooting for Dallas as well.....all the hype on LeBron doesn't excite me and holding an hour long interview to announce you are going to Miami is ridiculous....not that I have an opinion or anything :) The Rhianna concert looks amazing! Happy Packing!