Wednesday, June 29, 2011

CAMP a.k.a the Scrapbooking Hiatus

Hello! It's been a busy month-M is home safe and sound in NL. I finished school and reluctantly said goodbye and I'm transitioning to camp in upstate New York. I've only been here for three days but it already feels like a lifetime. Probably because it's my second home.

We're been busy-planning flashmobs, organizing counselors for our bunks, playing games, dressing up and having a great time training new staff and reconnecting with old ones as well.

flashmob girlsside






As you can imagine, there's little time for scrapbooking because of the schedule I keep at camp. With my job demanding 24/7 support and very few days off (count 'em-I get 4 in a 7 week period!) I chose not to bring too much stuff with me to camp. I only brought along a zSmashbook and a few necessary items. I'm going to try and keep some sort of a scrapbook with it during the summer. We'll see how that goes and I'll post progress here for you to see if possible.

Tomorrow I get to spend the day connecting and getting to know the counselors who will be working for me this summer. I'm excited and I think I have an awesome team! I can't wait for the kids to get here already! They're the reason we come to camp.

Hope you are having a great week!



  1. This post made me miss being a kid going to camp, your campers are going to have a great summer :)

  2. great pictures i love your blog i have showcased your nlog on my blog.. gave you and awesome shot out.. thanks for sharing our log....