Monday, August 22, 2011


Ever notice that summer can seem so short but so long at the same time? Well, camp was awesome. I had great kids and counselors to take care of and boy, did we have some serious summer fun. I shopped, got to hang out with great friends, even made a new "bestie" and best of all-got to spend my summer in a place that I call my 'home away from home'. It's a place I love with all my heart. Pictures of said friends and location are forthcoming!

But here I am back in the 'real' world and adulthood is calling my name again, beckoning me to return to reality where swimming twice a day and riding around on golf carts singing campfire songs are not the usual fare. That's unfortunate really.

I'm easing back into blog life this week but I do have some super exciting news that occurred while I was in my little camp world.


I WAS PUBLISHED. Scrapbook Trends August issue is on stands and they've published a layout by ME. Yep, ME! I was so excited when I got the email in March requesting a layout that I could hardly contain myself. So I did a celebratory dance around the living room and then sent that layout packing-literally. Upon my arrival at the airport I was greeted by my parents, my husband and that beautiful magazine-fresh off the stands at our local bookstore. And there it was-my layout-all about me no less-in the magazine.

So I'll leave you with the layout. I love this photo. It was a very good hair day!


Have a great Tuesday!


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