Thursday, September 29, 2011

Right now

Right now... I'm working on this.
Right now... this is laying on my scrapbook table.
Right now... I'm nursing a running injury. That's bad because I have a race in 2.5 weeks.
Right now... I'm reading a lot of school material.
Right now... I'm glued to my phone-just waiting for it to ring.
Right now... I'm wondering why we think the grass is always greener on the other side?
Right now... I'm enjoying have some free time even thought it makes me nervous.
Right now... I'm eating less and trying to move more.
Right now... I'm watching all the new shows and loving 'Revenge', 'New Girl' and 'Up All Night'.



  1. Right now I am FREEZING.

    DH and I took New Girl off our record list last night. We don't like the guy who replaced Coach and thought that really.. Zoe is the only good thing on the show. DH declared it 'about to be cancelled'.

  2. That layout looks like it's off to a great start! I'm loving Revenge and Up All Night too. However, I found the first episode of UAN to be a lot funnier than this last episode was...

  3. I haven't watched Revenge but my 84 year old grandma is hooked on it...going to have to give it a try. Looking forward to seeing that layout!