Friday, October 14, 2011

5 for Friday

1. I found this cute little quiz online. It tells you which 'font' you are based on a few questions. Check it out. It's pretty cute.

2. This came in the mail on Wednesday. I think I might quit working and just bake for a living. Oh and I'll have to continue running to counterbalance the effects of the baking. I'm pretty excited about that Bobby Flay book as well. M & I have a serious food crush on Bobby Flay.


So, yesterday in an effort to figure out just how delicious it's recipes were-I conducted a simple experiment and baked the oh-so-simple classic, chocolate chip cookies. Now, M & I have a high expectation of chocolate chip cookies being that we've visited Lanvin in NYC a few times and have gone into 'chocolate chip cookie comas'. I highly recommend a visit if you are in the big apple. But, these cookies-they stood up to those expectations and more. They were gooey and puffy and delicious!


3. I saw a cool tutorial on the Crate Paper blog that gave me some neat ideas for creating frames out of a die cut machine and cardboard boxes. Recycling + scrapbooking= wonderful creations!

4. I'm participating in a banana bread bake off for M's work week after next. I'll be perfecting my recipe until then. I'm thinking chocolate chips are a must. Stay tuned for the results.

5. Courtesy of You Tube I am pretty pumped to see this movie:

Have a great weekend!



  1. wow I agree...this is a great preview!

  2. very nice thanks for sharing going to take the quiz...

  3. ive added the font quiz to my blog for a couple of days... I love the font that i was....check out the blog to see.. have a blessed week...

  4. Great post! Love the look of that book, love Eric Lanlard! Becky x