Friday, October 28, 2011

5 For Friday

1. Check this business out! That's me in #62.

2. I had a fudge disaster yesterday. I tried to make Scottish tablet and it did not go well. It all went south when I managed to knock the candy thermometer into the sugar/butter mixture while it was boiling. Like I said, disaster. I'm trying take 2 today.

3. I have been working on a number of camp projects. I'm trying to chronicle this past summer in this album I posted a while ago.


They are all 6 by 8. I like the way it's shaping up so far. Here's a little sneak peek. I'll have more next week!


4. Studio Calico released their November kits today. I snagged the December Daily kit. I do have a few extras to add to it but I figured that getting the kit eliminates all the work. I can just stick withe a simple formula with the kit. It will also be fun to see what others do with their DD kits.

5. We had a BUSY weekend coming up. Multiple Halloween parties means we get to debut our Halloween costume for 2011. It's a good one! ;) Also, we have an 85th birthday party and a baby christening. Seriously?! We're covering it all this weekend!

Hope you have a great one!



  1. The fudge incident sounds interesting. LOL! Your little album is super cute!

  2. Bummer about the fudge!!! Your album is off to a great start!

  3. i love the mini album.... thanks for sharing...

  4. Looks like the album's going to be great! :)

  5. Adorable little album. Love the title.

  6. Looks like a great album to capture all your memories! :)