Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas anyone?

This past weekend I started digging out my Christmas scrapbooking stuff. My shipment from Studio Calico should be here early next week and with it will be my December Daily kit. I also discovered something awesome while out browsing in a few clothing stores this past weekend-holiday washi tape. I was in my glee. 5 whole rolls of it. So CUTE!


So, of course I went home and dug out the rest of my holiday stash! Turns out I have a TON of Christmas product left over from the last few years. I can't wait to include all of it with the kit contents, which look awesome! I mean look at all this stuff...


I did discover last year's December daily amidst the pile. I wasn't very good at keeping up with it last year. I actually dismantled it and re-made it as a 6*8 album in the early part of December because I didn't like what I had done. So, the album that was supposed to make it to New Year's eve only made it to Christmas Day. It's fine. I'm totally fine with it. I actually had to finish the cover so I finished it right then and there and it's now a completed project. This year I have a great little printer which I plan to have out and use for doing each day as they happen. More on that in another post though.


Spurned on by the Christmas product, I let my Christmas spirit soar and decided to use some of my stash to create Christmas cards. I know, I know. I'm probably nuts to start making them this early but the thought of getting them done is something that just weighs on my mind every year and I just wanted to get them done and out of the way.

Usually I just stick with one card but this year, in an effort to get rid of some stuff I used three different colors-not traditional Christmas colors either. There was lots of embossing and mass production but I managed to bang out 88 cards on Sunday afternoon/evening. I think that's a pretty good day's work if you ask me.


So, the Christmas spirit is gaining momentum-at least in my scrapbooking room. We'll have to wait until December until I can go full-blown Christmas Crazy!



  1. great book front. I love using my older scraps to create with.

  2. Wow! You sure did get a lot accomplished. Love the cover if your mini.

  3. love love all the cards.. u are way ahead of me.. I created nine simple cards yesterday.. just 9.. haha.. see here

    love those xmas washis.. I just ordered those fr amazon.. can't wait to get them... I ordered the cavallini alphabet set too! Love them!
    hugs bonitarose

  4. i just pulled out my christmas stuff last night! i'm always making cards at the last minute, but am determined to do better this year...plus i want to create a dec daily... and omg...88 cards in one evening makes me feel like a slow poke...that's a lot!

  5. I'm green with envy over those tapes. They look great.

  6. How awesome! I am so in the mood for Christmas already. Love your cover!

  7. Wow, great xmas stash! I'm sure you discovered stuff you had forgotten about (and that it felt great!!).

    Your cards are really nice!! I love the dark one with white embossing!

  8. Love that tape, so fun! Your cards are beautiful!

  9. Love the tape...wish I had access to such pretty tape! How about those cards!!! You rocked them out!!!

  10. You are amazing! You got so much done and I love your Christmas washi tape! I've been pulling out whatever holiday-ish stuff I have from my stash too to use for my DD and Christmas cards :)

  11. My Goodness! That is A LOT of cards, I'm super impressed! :) And I love the album cover also!

  12. What store did you find the tape at?