Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cupcakes & Christenings

Here are a few layouts that I made this past weekend.

This one chronicles my love of cupcakes.



Anyone who knows me well enough-or has been reading this blog for some time-knows I have a serious love of cupcakes. These pics are from a tasting adventure that M & I had in June before leaving Ottawa. In an effort to taste what was available in town we bought cupcakes from Cupcake Lounge & The Flour Shoppe. Let the taste testing begin! But, I think my favorite part of this layout is the title:

"A well balanced diet is a CUPCAKE in each hand"

Genius. The quote was found on a cupcake wrapper from lunch with the girls at the retreat I attended this weekend. It was perfect for some Saturday afternoon inspiration!

Then there's this very simple layout.


A few weeks ago my godson had his christening. It was an exciting day for his proud parents and God parents. These are just a few pics I wanted to scrapbook from that day. I love the chevron paper and the droplets of mist. This layout came together so easily it was truly effortless.



  1. Both layouts are gorgeous.
    But I am loving the cupcake one ;)

  2. Great layouts! Love your cupcake title!

  3. Mmmm cupcakes! Love both of these layouts! Love the droplets of mist on the last one! It really gives it that something extra! Congrats on the christening of the godson! -Amanda

  4. I am a big cupcake lover too! Love the layouts. The chevron paper goes perfectly with those photos!