Thursday, December 8, 2011

December Daily & An update

So I've been a bad blogger. But, it's for good reason. We're moving into our house this weekend and there's been a lot of action around here. (Name the Christmas movie that quote came from ;)!)

So M learned to be a plumber. He's a real man now.


He and my Dad have been plugging away putting trim and molding in our bathrooms among other things. Manly activities.


Then I got a new mailbox! So cute. M put it up for me. Again, M being a 'man'.


And I had a little visitor yesterday. My favorite-of the baby variety!


But at the end of my day of touching up paint and waiting for security people to arrive among other things-I set up a few things in the corner of the dining room with all of the boxes.


And I did a few December Daily pages.

December 3:

I did my first full page picture.


My best friend's sister is having a baby and I'm so excited for her. Her baby shower was on Saturday. I used a tag for a little embellishment and added some pics of her and her mom and all of us on the phone with my bf who is in Ottawa and had to missed the shower.

December 4:

I left the pocket page plain here because my pattern paper was pretty busy. Just a little embellishment there.



My mom started decorating the house on Sunday evening. It's the first time in 4 years I've been around to help her get the house ready. It was nice to slip back into old traditions. I used a Polaroid to matte my photos and found the perfect chipboard embellishment.


December 5:

I spent the entire day on Monday doing things around the house but I blasted some serious holiday tunes while I did it and thus the theme of Monday's page.


I used the whole page for the title of my favorite Christmas song- "Merry Christmas Happy Holidays" by N'Sync.


Yeah. I know. But, I love it. We go way back. So I stamped all the journaling. It took a while but I love the way it turned out. I even found some music paper for the bottom.

So I have stories for Tuesday and Wednesday but obviously the pages aren't quite done yet. Who knows when that will happen?!

It's almost Friday.


P.S: that quote is from 'Home Alone'. You know the part when Harry is at the McAllister's house as the cop and speaking to Kate, the mother. He's says 'there's a lot of action around here'. It's my favorite movie.


  1. Congrats on the new house!!! and Im loving your DD!!! love all the details!

  2. I was listening to an online, Christmas radio station and they played that N*Sync song- I swear I had to hold myself back from running upstairs to grab my hairbrush to use as a microphone.... hahaha Man oh man, N*Sync and I go waaaaay back. =)

  3. I like your corner with the stash :) your DD is looking cute! Oh, I'm an NSync fan:D

  4. Love the DD and the fact that you are finding the time to scrap in the middle of a move is great!

  5. Carol of the Bells is a fav of mine too! Love how you rocked that polaroid stamp for your dd.

  6. Wow, moving in AND doing DD! And it looks wonderful too! That picture with all of the goodies is amazing. And congratulations on your is a wonderful feeling...enjoy!!!

  7. You are super woman! Moving and an updated DD too! Beautiful pages!

  8. DD looking GREAT!!
    Congrats on the new home :)

  9. I love, love, love your DD! Looks fantastic!

  10. Love your stamped was worth the effort :)

  11. Saw your link on the SC board. Your doing a beautiful job with the dd. Love that big pic and the way you used the pockets

  12. Looks great-I love that hexagon print from Crate- great idea to use it in the album! Congrats on the smooth so far moving process- that can really take the scrap out of a girl but i looks like you guys are moving and grooving so far!