Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project Life: Week 1 on Wednesday

So I've finished my first week of Project Life.


It came together fairly quickly but there's a few things I did learn in the process of working out the first week's layout.

1. Look at the slots and plan ahead with the pictures. I had one too many 4 by 6's this week and I would have liked to do more 3 by 4 inserts as written pieces rather than photos. That being said, it was a hectic week around here so there was A LOT happening.

2. I think I have to check my camera settings. It seems a lot of my photos are too 'warm'-maybe the lighting is off.

3. I have to figure out a way to take some better pictures of the layout in the page protectors. If you know of any good shooting techniques or anyone with any good articles on this please leave a comment below with some information for me! I beg of you!

4. I almost need a little bucket to toss stuff into during the week. This week I just stuck a few things on the shelf with the book but I think a little container would be better.

So, I'm going to designate a little buckets for bits and pieces. I'm going to leave the album open and out on a shelf to plan as I go this week. That might help my process. Either way, I will say I liked seeing our life in a 'week at a glance'.

Now, a few things about the album.

On this page I added our New Year's Eve activities and our New Year's Day festivities-my Nanny's 80th birthday. I also added our running in there! My New Year's resolution letter from this post, is in the bottom pocket.


On this page, I included lots of hipstagram photos and details about the week.Our best friends left to go back home to Ottawa with baby Liam. We miss them already. I added my facebook status to the black and white picture in photoshop. I also eradicated Christmas, had dinner with my family discovered a new restaurant and worked on a new kit assignment for 'The Paperie'.


It was a hectic week. I'll be back next Wednesday with Week 2.

In the meantime, here's a few peeks of The Paperie's new January kit which will be debuting this coming weekend at the store. There's some interesting material in there that I had to use that was an opportunity to really stretch my scrapbooking brain. It was challenging but FUN!





I'll be posting full pictures this coming weekend!



  1. looking awesome! congrats on completing week 1!!

  2. Looking good. Congrats on completing week 1. I'd check and see if your settings are switched. I had this problem and I lower my ISO in this particular house I always get this look.

  3. Great one week! I'm loving these pockets - keeps everything clean and easy on the eyes :)

  4. looks great! yeah the bucket helps a lot once place to find all the junk collected during the week.

  5. Lovely first week! I also to find a better way to photograph projects.

  6. Great first week job well done.

  7. Great job! And yes, I think a little basket would be very helpful in doing this project.

  8. This looks great! Love the stamping!

  9. I love the variety of items you have included in week one. Good tip about the little bucket.