Friday, February 3, 2012

5 For Friday

1. Do you tweet? Read this recently from a class on Simple Scrappers-it's genius. I am not a great tweeter and I needed to brush up on the lingo as I'm trying to be better at tweeting myself more regularly. Check it out here and here too.

2.I finally found a place where you can print your instagram photos and have them shipped internationally! Check out Printsagram. It's awesome. You can do much more than just print your photos-you can even have stickers and mini-books made. LOVE.

3. I've discovered a new blog by Elise Blaha. Boy is she cute-stinkin' cute. After noticing her a million times in twitter feeds this week from CHA I finally looked her up and boy, is she pretty rad. She's got some great goals and ideas and she's honest and I just like her style. You know how sometimes you read a blog or a post and think 'Man, we could totally be friends in real life!'?! Yeah, that's how I felt after discovering her blog.

4. It snowed AGAIN yesterday- that's the second winter storm of the week- and we're in for another monster storm tomorrow according to the weather forecast.



I'm not sure how much more snow I can take and it's only February. There are have 5 snow days since we started back at school January 3rd. What is that?! I don't remember being that lucky as a kid!

5. I got a haircut yesterday. It's been a while since I actually enjoyed the process of getting my haircut. A new friend of mine cut it and she did a great job! It's also been a while since I had bangs as well-so I went for it and got a little 'swoosh'. I love it. It looks super cute in a pony too. Check it out!


Excuse the turtleneck-it's my 'house uniform'.

On today's agenda-pick up pictures and snacks for the impending snowstorm. Let's hope the grocery store isn't to crazy!!! Have a great weekend.



  1. You have such beautiful hair! Happy Friday :)

  2. Wow! That's a lot of snow! Stay snuggled up with your crafting and snacks! :)

  3. I can't believe we've been without snow all winter here in Oklahoma. Would kind of like some! :) Gorgeous hair!

  4. Your new cut looks good! I like the bangs. Stay warm!

  5. Hair cut looks great - and I enjoyed that article on Twitter.

  6. Hair cut looks great...the bangs suit you!

  7. Sorry to hear of all that dreaded snow but you can keep it, I hate snow!
    Your haircut is so cute. Try to have a great weekend!

  8. great photo krista. oh and Elise...totally love her too!

  9. thanks for sharing the twitter info! Wishing you a snow free weekend!!

  10. I stalk Elise's blog daily. She's got some fun house projects up.