Friday, February 24, 2012

5 for Friday

1. So Liz Katchner recently had the coolest thing up on her blog. It was kind of an animated slideshow and I loved it. Now, I'm sure she used some sort of very cool Photoshop or other program to do it but this past week I discovered a great *free* site called Photopeach. It makes slideshows that you can embed in your blog. So I wanted to try one out.

I had a bunch of photos we took simultaneously on my DSLR when we were trying to get a great shot of our friends on New Year's so I figured that might be a fun way to start. Here's what came out.

Please Note that we are a little crazy. Don't be offended by any of the foolishness- it was all in good fun.

cool huh? Yeah, so I still have to figure out how to turn the music off when the slideshow is over...other than that, it's pretty cool.

2. I haven't made a mini album in ages. I noticed this awesome tutorial for a little 4 by 4 mini album on the October afternoon site this week by Marcy and thought that it was a great opportunity to do a mini and drag out my dusty sewing machine as well!

3. My husband pretty much rocks. He bought me this sick iphone case for Valentine's. It's the Burberry plaid which I L.O.V.E. He also added a little post it on the plastic box, wrapped so delicately in a shopping bag, that said"Happy Valentine's. xoxo. M'. Then he said 'that's all the card your getting'. Honestly, he's such a romantic.

4. Been watching this new show 'Smash'. It's AWESOME. Like I need another t.v. show to be addicted to! Check it out below...

5. I'm getting really excited about the March Studio Calico kit. Gerelyn had some seriously awesome sneaks on her blog. I really like the ones that she used with the Jenni Bowlin tab punch. It's awesome.

If you are interested in the painting furniture tutorial I'll have it on my blog on Sunday. Be sure to check back here then!

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. thanks for the link for the slide show :) gonna have to give it a try!!

  2. i think geralyn's sneaks are amazing too. did you check out kinsey's sneaks. they are incredible.

  3. super, super fun! Like Kelly said -- Kinsey's sneaks have me super excited! :)

  4. Cool slide show! Love the sneak peaks! I'm a new follower and I'd be honored if you followed me as well! Love Penny