Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Baby Embossing

I made this layout at my LSS crop last weekend but it's taken me this long to get the journaling down on the page. This format isn't traditionally very 'me' but I like that there's a big story and two strips of pictures. If I had my time back I might have changed the title but at this point in the page it was close to midnight and frankly my eyes were crossing from looking at it for so long!


This layout was done using the Studio Calico Brooklyn Flea kit. The journaling reads:

In December Allison & Liam came over for some covert operations. Allison wanted to create some hand and feet prints of Liam’s little fingers and toes for some holiday gifts for her family members and literally needed an extra set of hands to make that happen. In stepped Auntie Krista. Initially we tried to do it with white paint on red cardstock but it just wasn’t the sharp image either of us had imagined. So, in a genius moment of realization it dawned on me that I could emboss the little guys hands and feet. So, out came the Versamark pad and the white embossing power. I’ll admit that he wasn’t so into it at first but after a half dozen hand prints it didn’t seem to bother him any more. But I think Allison was more amused by my excitement than Liam’s. She laughed at me the whole time as I was so excited to see the hand and feet print come into sharp focus with the embossing gun. We framed up with whole mess and Allison gave them out as Christmas gifts. They’re about the darn cutest things ever- well next to Liam
that is.

But I think this is my favorite part of the layout.


I found this sentiment on a page of Tiny Type by Cosmo Cricket and just loved it. It fit my page perfectly.



  1. Super cute layout! Love those photos!

  2. very sweet! LOVE all that journaling!

  3. Great layout, and I love the idea of baby embossing! I might have to try that!

  4. super cute and I love the design!

  5. Love this layout. Genius idea to emboss Liam's hands!