Friday, February 10, 2012

Five for Friday

1. I'm not a card girl-don't usually make them- but I'm trying to fix that! Cards are a great way to use up scraps and try something new on a smaller canvas.

This one's a Valentine's card that was sent to a friend.


And here's a few more- a birthday card and a Valentine's card.


A little stamping and embossing for the 'Happy Birthday' card and some misting and masking for the Valentine's card.

2. I've become a spray painting maven! So early last week I watched The Nate Berkus show. One of the bits was on thrifting and giving total makeovers to free or cheapie pieces. That got me interested so I perused the internets and found this lovely lady who spray paints and paints nearly everything! So, I made a pit stop at a local thrift store this week and bought my supplies & got to work. Frankly, the power of some spray paint is utterly amazing. So take a look at this...


When it was all said and done i wished that I'd taken a before so you could see how ugly that cookie jar was-straight out the the 80's my friends, and not in a good way. Those frames were just plain black but didn't suit my new scrapbooking room.

And that project got me thinking about painting some furniture. And I was smart enough to take a before picture and a few pics of the progress! Here's a sneak of a my latest project...


Yeah, I worked in the driveway in the cold amidst the piles of snow.

3. My thrifty discoveries led to to a little neighborhood adventure yesterday and I discovered Power's Salvage Shop. Seriously?! It was awesome. There were collections of what some would consider junk but I thought it was fantastic.







4. I've discovered 'The Chew'. It's awesome. This week I learned to make Chicken Kiev. Well let me rephrase that-I watched them make Chicken Kiev. I wasn't getting enough Clinton Kelly in my 'What Not to Wear' quota anyway. ;)

5. My local scrapbooking shop, The Paperie, is having a little Valentine's celebration, 'Gourmet Cupcakes & Sweet Cards', tomorrow morning. I can't wait to try some cupcakes from 'Sweet Love Bake Shop' & make a cute V-day card.

Have a great weekend! Tomorrow I'll be posting some more pics of M's bedside table & a few other spray painted treasures!



  1. great cards! and you gotta love spray paint!!! my hubby just shakes his head!

  2. great misting on your valentine card!

  3. You should start making more cards because you are good at it. Those are fantastic!

    I spray paint everything! I even have done hinges and door knobs. I have a project for this weekend if the weather permits.

  4. Awesome!!! :) I also recently discovered the joys of spray painting! I found a really nice wooden tray on clearance at Hobby Lobby for a tad over $3. I had my hubby spray a coat of flat black on it, then used Mod Podge to stick down a piece of black & white houndstooth wrapping paper. It looks fantastic! :) Can't wait to see how the table turns out!

  5. Love those cards! I am not much of a card maker either, but you are right that they are a great way to use up scraps and try something new.... I should go for it!

  6. Your cards are fabulous. I need to make more cards too.

  7. I am really no good at spray painting but love what you have done.

  8. I have been collecting things to makeover with paint for a while now, but a little intimidated by the process. What spray paints did you use? Your pieces look great!

  9. love the post and the cards are awesome thanks for sharing...

  10. Love the Friday Five! Great pictures and great cards. I can't wait for warmer weather--I have so many things I want to spray paint.

  11. cute cards... and I have been pinning all sorts of DIY and thrift to fab projects on Pinterest :P