Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Project Life: Week 5 & 6

I'm finally caught up in my project life album. For a while there I was playing catch up. Today I'm sharing week 5 & 6.

Week 5:


It seemed that we just couldn't escape winter in January. It snowed and snowed and snowed. We had a little visit from Kristopher who came home all the way from Whistler, B.C. I gave M a haircut and I got one myself and M started to work on his RPM album for the big February challenge. Oh, and we got an ipad! That was def a highlight of our week.


I've been sticking to a simple formula of a little tape and some label stickers to identify photos. It seems to be working for me.


Trying to include more written conversations this week. Just a few tidbits of comments that we made to one another during the week-the real life chatter in our house.

Week 6:


I participated in 'Day in the Life' this week with Ali Edwards and her entourage! I used a baseball protector to house all the photos and just added a few little label stickers to identify what everything was.

Highlights of our week this week were having a little date night together at our favorite fancy pizza place, redoing some old furniture and having friends in before a show on Saturday night.


I loved this little poster I found on Pinterest this week. I noticed that Elise Blaha was using little quotes in some of her project life pages so I decided to include this little poster in mine this week. It was really easy- I just took a screenshot and opened it in Photoshop to re-size it. I saved it as a jpeg and just printed it on a 4 by 6 with my photos.


There's the first side of the baseball card protector with my project life pictures...


...and the second side. I just added little labels here and there.


I had lots of instagram pictures from a little trip to a local salvage shop so I used them to make a little film strip spanning two of the 4 by 6 slots at the top of the page. I also used two 3 by 4 photos together in a collage in the bottom left corner to include two aspects of our Friday night adventures eating cheese for dinner & helping our friends move a few couches. Aren't we party animals!? Not so much.

I'll have more project life to share later this week. I have a few pieces left of week 7 and week 8 & 9 are being combined for convenience sake! Everyone says that you have to make this project work for you right?!



  1. I love this! I have been following Amy Tangerine's on her blog too and now I want to start one.
    I suppose it's not too late - it'll just be from March on, meh.
    It's my first visit to your blog - saw you posted the link on 2peas. I'm off to browse some more,

  2. LOVE this. I have so many quotes saved. Its such a great idea!

  3. I love these! I like the fact that you don't have to take a whole group of shots to tell the story!
    Love Penny Scrap-aholic.blogspot.com