Thursday, March 8, 2012

Project LIfe: Week 7, 8 & 9

Just finished week 8 & 9 of my Project Life album and thought I'd share. But before I do I thought I'd back up and share week 7 because you haven't seen that yet either!

Week 7:


Note: There's a picture missing-I had to wait to have it developed.

Valentine's-that lovely day of L.O.V.E. I spent it with a bunch of suger-ed up kids performing in a concert. Loved every minute of it. They were wonderful. Then M & I ordered Indian food for dinner. It was the perfect Valentine's in my opinion-I got to wear my sweats and eat my face off with my husband and Simon Baker a.k.a 'The Mentalist'. Perfect.



This week also held a lot of remodels. Surprise, surprise! There was about 6 hours of watching the Westminster Dog Show & we discovered 'The Walking Dead'. We are officially addicted. I make us sound like we watch a lot of t.v huh?! I do go out-evidence is shown by the pics with the scrapping ladies on Friday night when we had a crop night & then headed to Boston Pizza for some midnight snacks!

If you are wondering how I got those pictures in the bottom slots, I simply took screenshots and then turned them into jpegs in Photoshop Elements. It's my new fav thing to do for my PL.

Week 8 & 9:

Well, I combined week 8 & 9 because I was tired of feeling 'behind' on my PL. So, for time and convenience I just made them into single pagers with a little insert in between.

This is what it looks like in the actual album.


Here is 'Side 1' a.k.a Week 8- a PL page protector A & a baseball protector.


I wanted this week to be light and airy and 'spring-y'. So, I used mostly yellow, teal & green. Lots of SC stamps in this week's layout as well. I also learned how to take a screenshot on my iphone so there's a text in there all about my excitement over 'Pancake Day'. It was an exciting day so it earned it's own little layout in the baseball card protector.

This week wasn't too busy- a Sunday lunch together, a skype date with one of my fav people, Pancake day, some happy mail and a little sewing project on a Saturday night.

This is 'side 2' a.k.a Week 9- same again with a baseball card protector and page protector A again.


Kept the theme sunny and warm here. Spring colors. Lots of stamps from SC's Project Life Epic set- the Awesome set is on it's way! Wrote my journaling in photoshop and had it printed with my photos-this seems to be the easiest thing to do really. That way I don't have to print it and size it at home. It's all done for me.

This week was busy around the house. I worked on the railing in the hallway, made a headboard, M finished his c.d for the RPM challenge, we had a visit from a far-away friend we'd been missing, and I did a little shopping with some of my fav people at Model Citizen's.

This week's layout deserved a whole page protector just to celebrate Leap Day-in yellow and blue of course. I took a bunch of Instagram photos throughout the day knowing full well that I would be putting them together for a little layout for PL. Kind of a little 'Day in the Life' for our *extra* day this year.

Just few things I'm noticing though about my PL album...

1. I think I like 1/4" rounded corners rather than 1/2" rounded corners. Will try and remember that next week.

2. I'm collecting 'stuff' but I haven't included any ephemera in my layouts- might try that although I tend not to enjoy adding the mish mash to my page but if it's the right thing it might work.

3. I think my favorite part is picking out the photos to develop. Honestly, I love putting it all together but it's fun to be reminded of what we've done all week when I go back to 'relive' the week.

Also, my desk is notoriously a disaster after I finish...


Are you working on project life? Are you learning anything about your process as you work on it? Any hints for including that ephemera? If you'd like to share a link to your PL in the comments I would love to check it out!



  1. I'm loving your PL spreads - I have to agree with you on the 1/4 inch corners though :) I started with the 1/2 inch but am now a 1/4 convert - haha. I know what you mean about collecting things but not using them - I gave it a try last week when I didn't have much to put in (because I was sick.the.entire.week...)and it just felt like a mishmash of too many different styles/looks.
    I love that you included Pancake Day! We always did it when we were living back home in Newfoundland. Now, my Albertan friends have no idea what I'm talking about and think I'm strange to eat pancakes for supper (even if it is only one day a year! ha)
    Anyway, now that I'm done this novel of a comment.. hope you have a fantastic day :)

  2. I love your desk shot! It says that a creative person is in residence. Thanks for the tip about the screen shots. I will use that on myself!

    Keep up the good work with PL. I'm determined to get caught up...Maybe this weekend!

  3. Love your gorgeous pages for PL.

  4. Loving the pages Krista. Here's a link to my week 8 where I included a bunch of ephemera from the week - wine show book, conference agenda, and light bill. I just cut them down to fit the 3x4 pockets. I also cut out a logo from the conference and added it over a couple of pics:

    In week 7 I also used a few bits of mail in the spread - some paper that came over a package as background for a pic and a trimmed piece of Gap (?) promo mail. I love doing that: Also did this in week three with tissue paper from BR shoes :)

  5. Awesome project life pages! Great look at your workspace!

  6. Love all the time & detail you put into you PL project! Looks Amazing!

  7. Awesome PL pages.. Love the photo of your work desk... I wish mine what that clean at the moment. Thanks for sharing...

  8. Your project life is very stunning! You guys are inspiring me to want to start one. I have been trying to resist... but it is looking so tempting!

  9. Love all your pages...I love the screenshots of the tv, that is just awesome! I'm behind on the Walking Dead and need to catch up! I use project life, but not in the picture a day way. On certain events, I will traditionally scrap a few pics and then use the PL for the rest. It works and I love it. Maybe next year I will do the pic a day!

  10. Your PL is looking great. I am doing it this year, but I am doing Photo a Day and I love that. That level I can achieve and still scrap other things and it suits me well at this point.

  11. Here's the link to my PL:

    Thanks for all the inspiration! :)

  12. Love the messy post-project desk. Mine looks like that almost all the time :P
    I intended to do a PL of orts this year but never got around to starting :P

  13. Great pages! I love throwing in stuff from our lives. Tickets, wrappers, stuff in general.

  14. I am gonna start dressing up for our skype dates! all this publicity. :)