Friday, April 6, 2012

5 For Friday

Today's addition of '5 for Friday' is brought to you by the town of St. John's.

Well, it's not actually sponsored by St. John's or anything but I ad some great adventures around town this week and wanted to share some of them as my '5 for Friday'. 

1. I love to browse the bookstore. It's probably one of my favourite places to 'waste' time. This week I bit the bullet and had to pick up a copy of 'The Hunger Games'. I was afraid to get on that band wagon because the last time I took a reading recommendation from Teeny Boppers it was for the Twilight series. No offense to any Twi-hards out there but I just hated it. Vampires? Wolves? Totally not into it. But, I'll admit-this book is good. Let's just say that I had to pick up number two shortly after buying number 1.


 But, while I was there I also found a few other books that I would love to add to my collection.


This book looks really good for any crafter.


My DIY addiction could benefit from this book.

I'm also a sap for a good cry at the movies but I always like to read the book first.

Chapters has also really stepped up their game in the 'home goods' department. They have these lovely mugs with scrooled initals on them.


And this clock is just too stinkin' cute! 


2.I also took a little trip to HOME on Water st. They have a beautiful store with lots of eclectic little things for your home.


I found the cutest little Jelly Bean birdhouses.


I am totally going to snap one up when Spring truly comes to Newfoundland.

3. I have also fallen deeply in love with my local Value Village. It seems every time I'm there they have something I need. I hit the jackpot this week and found a chair...


 & a chandelier...


Bet you can't wait to see the 'after' shots of these puppies. The chair will be easy. The chandelier-not so much. That is going to be a serious project.

4. In other news, I've been thinking and preparing for Ali Edwards' 'Week in the Life' project that she is hosting on her blog in a few weeks. I'm thinking that I might just incorporate my 'Week in the Life' into my 'Project Life' album and skip that week all together for a layout. I'm thinking that I will use the same page protectors but with a few 8.5 by 11 thrown in for good measure.

5. I'm totally into sewing right now on my pages. Sasha Farina had the most beautiful layout using stitching on her blog this week. Not sure if I could be this patient or if I have the fine motor skills for this but I would love to try it. Best part is that she gives a little tutorial for a similar look on the Crate Paper blog this week as well! Awesome!

Happy Friday!



  1. Thanks for sharing. Hunger Games isn't a book I would normally read but I'm thinking I need to read it because of all the rave reviews. After reading yours i think I'll have to pick it up. And that photography book looks great, might have to pick up one of those too.

  2. I love Hunger Games! I admit that I wasn't to keen on reading it at first because of Twilight (read the first chapter and threw it in the trash) but I am so glad I gave it a chance. Now I'm a bit obsessed!

    That clock is adorabole! So are the little houses. :)