Friday, April 13, 2012

5 For Friday

1. I taught my first Kids Class at The Paperie yesterday.


It was awesome. I had a great bunch of 11 girls & 1 lone boy-he was a trooper though replacing all my hearts & butterflies with puzzle pieces! We spent the morning making the book and then the afternoon was an organized free for all-adding embellishments, pictures, stamps and all kinds of fun business. They appeared to have a blast and all walked away with a completed book!

2. Speaking of my class, on Wednesday I had to finish my album and cut up all the pieces for the album. Unfortunately, new puppies don't understand the need for scrapbooking so I had to crate Eugene for a little nap and drag all my business to the floor beside the crate.

He looked like this...

And my room now looks like this...



Today he will be crated for a nap so I can clean up the giant mess that I made. I also need to get ready for the new table Matthew & I are making this weekend for our scrapbooking/ office room. Pumped for that table! It's gonna be huge.

3. I am really dying to create a custom stamp from Simon Stamp. Elise & Kelly both made some custom stamps and they are super cute.Love, love, love the idea of an 'instagram' stamp.

4. I really want to try some new sewing techniques on a few pages this week. Like this one from October Afternoon-the 'all over the place' way this was done is just cool.

5. I need to try this tutorial too by Amy Tangerine. It looks like a super cute way of adding text to your photos. LOVE this idea.

Anything exciting on the agenda for you this weekend?!



  1. I love your desk...makes me feel I'm not alone! My agenda is to craft, clean, and play with grandchildren.

  2. 1. Saw your mini and love it! Great job yesterday!
    2. Eugene is so funny - he's the cutest! Oh, and I love that you're not always as organized as you appear to be at crops! :)
    3. Ditto - let me know if you order!
    4. Ditto too - have a LO in mind!
    5. Tried it, love it, have to perfect the writing with my finger part!

  3. Glad to hear you had fun teaching the class! I bet all the kids loved it.

  4. Sounds like a fun class-- I love the pic of the pup!!