Monday, April 2, 2012

The 80's Are Back

And so am I. I am ready to get back to a regular routine and that means more regular blogging. It's been a hard week around here-trying to fight the last of this cold and work on some things around the house.

I did manage to finally sit at my table and work on some layouts using my simple Scrappers sketches this month. They are awesome and you should see the inspiring work that the other design team members have come up with this month.

This layout was based on a 12 by 12 sketch using hexagons. But, I wanted to try using a pattern paper for the same effect instead. I also challenged myself to try an 8.5 by 11 page and we know that's unusual for me.


Stuck to a colorful scheme here with lots of bright teal & yellow. More of my favourite thickers-the gray grid ones by Amy Tangerine. I think I could use those on every layout from now until eternity.  A little journaling and a 4 by 4 instagram photo. I also hauled out my Amy Tangerine stamps and used that cute little camera stamp.


We attended a little 'Backtrack to the 80's' party for my Uncle's 50th birthday party a few weeks ago. Let's just say that a lot of blush and a serious bump-it was required. Not to mention cheetah heels and leggings with some leg warmers. Bet your glad there isn't a full shot of that action huh?! Matthew took it a little less seriously and just stole my Dad's old baseball jacket-one he's been coveting for ages because it really is that cool. My father wore it in 1982 when he was a softball pitcher. It's still in really great shape too! We ran to the house and grabbed it on the way to the party after we knew that they had left! Dad was shocked when M showed up in the coat-he was disappointed that he hadn't thought of it first!

It was a fun party and the 80's are always fun to relive-even though we were only babies really when they happened!



  1. I was in high school in the 80's and it was one of my favorite times in my life! Truly a time of fun and (more innocent than today!). Glad you were able to "visit" the 80's if only for an evening! Your layout is adorable, love the camera! PS It would be a lot easier to comment if you had the name/url option enabled.

  2. ha!! love that picture.. you two look so cute!!

  3. cute photo! nice substitution for the hexagons.

  4. Great layout! I've been lusting after that camera's too cute!

  5. Fun photo and great use of that product line!

  6. That sounds like a really fun party! I may have to steal that idea for my birthday next year (no not 50, lol).

    Great layout!