Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Project Life: Week 12

I just put the finishing touches on week 12 of Project Life. It's hard to believe that I've been working on it for 3 WHOLE MONTHS. That means there's only 9 more months to go?! We're not even in double digits anymore.

A couple things I have learned in the last 3 months:
1. I like 1/4" corners.
2. I need to pre-plan my layouts in order to print my photos.
3. I can't get more than 2 weeks behind or I really forget the details-which is what this project is all about.
4. There is a tasteful way of incorporating ephemera. It also cuts down on developing photos.
5. I have a thing for little labels-they are my best friend for journaling.

So here's week 12.


I thought it wasn't that busy but then I started putting it together and realized that we did have a lot on our plate. I worked all week which made us super busy. We took a giant leap and did something- a secret something-that we've been wanting to do forever. More on that later.


We went out for dinner at the Casbah with M's mom and then we saw Godspell. M's brother J was the lead role. Then the weekend came, and with it, my death cold. And that ended another week of our lives.




  1. I always enjoy your project life posts. Your pages are so varied and visually interesting.

  2. Very cute! I'm so doing project life, next year. Ha!

  3. Love your project life posts. I have a thing for labels as well :)

  4. I always enjoy your PL posts! They always remind me of home and give me great ideas of places I didn't know existed - you're definitely contributing to my list of "things to do in St. John's the next time I visit". Your list of "things you've learned" made me chuckle - I definitely have discovered all those points in my own PL :) Can't wait to see what that little secret is!

  5. Great pages - love that you left some space. It's kinda hard to figure it all out but such a wonderful layout you created! TFS :)

  6. your pl pages are wonderful. love the set of 4 photos on a 4x6 (especially the cookies)- such an awesome way to show a series of photos from start to finish.

  7. You did a beautiful job as always :D

  8. Really love your PL weeks. You have a great knack incorporating bits and pieces without overwhelming the spread.