Sunday, April 15, 2012

Scratch That

So, yesterday I posted about a new chair DIY that I had done. You can check it out here.

Then M & I took a trip to Homesense in the morning and discovered that this beautiful chair-that I have been coveting for over a few months now- just happened to be on sale. Like a really good sale.


I love it's modern lines and it's happens to be very comfy as well. The cool vintage-y legs are also pretty awesome. The chair really suits the retro vibe of our living room. It matches the lamps 70's theme nicely.

This is the composition of that corner now.


Please note that we need some artwork above said chair to fill that wall but I'm still working on that.

You may be wondering what happened to the chair I re-modeled. Well, it made it's way into the corner of our dining room.


We'll use it for extra seating and, once I find a nice little cushion to put on it, it will fill this corner as a decorative piece.

Speaking of the dining room-it's coming along nicely. A new chair in the corner, a new mirror which I will be posting about next week and I found a lovely silver chandelier at the local Resale 'Habitat for Humanity' store.  We also inherited some lovely prints from M's Grandad that need to be re-framed but will more than likely be making an appearance in the dining room as well.

There will be pictures soon.


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  1. Beautiful chair! It's perfect! And the smaller one in the corner is perfect too! YAY for sales!!