Monday, April 30, 2012

WITL: Sunday

It's done. One week in my life.

It was a pretty normal week around here in comparison to some.

Here's my last installment of WITL layouts.

Sunday Main:


We took Euge out for a walk downtown for some 'people treats'. It was cold today hence the hats. Man, is it hard to get a selfie camera shot with a dog! And I thought babies were difficult. It might be fuzzy and it's certainly not perfect but I love it.

Sunday Collage:


Lots of hanging around today. From the top, left to right: 1.I scrapped while M hung out of the computer and we watched 30 Rock's live episode. 2. Eugene discovered converse today. 3. Chilling and watching movies. 4. Stop at Rocket for deliciousness. 5. Reflection at 'Freak Lunch Box'- a.k.a more treats, 6. Epic moment-Eugene had a nap outside his crate. EPIC I tell you. 7. A new find from kijiji. 8. Sunday dinner with the Wells'. Tradition. 9. Gobble, gobble, gobble-Eugene & M playing with the turkey before bed time.

A great end to a great week.

I have lots of layouts and Project Life to share this week so stay tuned.

Goodbye April 2012. We're ready for May.