Thursday, May 24, 2012

28 years + 364 days.

Tomorrow I turn twenty nine. 

It's looming. I'm nervous but excited about it. Turning thirty really freaks me out so we won't go there! I've got 366 more days to worry about that. More on that tomorrow...

But, in honor tomorrow's birthday I wanted to create a list...


No judgment please-some are serious and some are silly and materialistic.

1. My parents unconditional love and support. They are always looking out for what's best for me.
2. Matthew-let's get the sappy over with shall we?!- boy am I ever glad I met him.I don't know what I would do without him.
3. Eugene. He's taught me that there's no way you can walk into the house angry when there's someone who's that happy to see you.
4. 10 summers at camp. Need I say more...
5. The opportunity to practice in fields that I love, as both a teacher and an artist.
6. The chance to move away for a few years and spread my wings.
7. An awesome group of friends, both near and far, that I know I can count on in a heartbeat.
8. Being a Godmother. It's an honor. Thanks Liam-and Allison for having him.
9. My knee's support in all my running endeavors. Keep on keeping on please.
10. A house to call our own. It's pretty awesome.
11. To opportunity to travel and see places with awesome people.
12. That month I spent in Europe 'backpacking'- I use that term loosely.
13. Shows like 'Sex & the City', 'Dawson's Creek' and 'Gossip Girl'. Yeah that's lame, but there's my youth/twenties in a nut shell folks.
14. My love affair with New York City and the many chances I've gotten to visit her.
15. Food-especially cupcakes & ice cream. 
16. Novels like 'The Happiness Project' for inspiring me.
17. Pinterest-how did I ever live without you in my life.
18. On that note- Instagram- ditto?! What would I do without you?!
19. Our move home to Newfoundland.
20. My brother-despite our differences I'm glad he's there when I need him.
21. My iphone. Yeah it's petty to be thankful for something material but hey, I say thank you Steve jobs. You did the phone proud.
22. 'Little Italy' at camp-they taught me how to have patience I had no idea were in me.
23. Visits from friends from around the world.
24. Music-for running, for dancing, for a good cry, for life. Bryan Adams 'Summer of '69'. YOU are my life anthem.
25. Christmas. I love it for family, friends and festivities.
26. Levi's skinny jeans. Nobody makes a better pair than Levi's.
27. Brenda. She's gotten us so very far on the road- including back to Newfoundland.
28. My health & happiness during the past 28 years which wouldn't be possible without many of the things above.

Stop by tomorrow to find out my plans for 29. I have a project that I'm excited to reveal tomorrow.29 is going to be EPIC.



  1. Sweet post! 29 was so exciting, but not nearly as exciting as 45 was!!! Have fun on your birthday eve!!!

  2. I love the idea of making a list! Must remember this :) and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Eve!!!

  3. Happy bday!

    Are you going to change the name of the blog when u turn 30? Hee Hee!