Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Flat Tires & Nail Parties

Yeah, those two things don't necessarily go together but I'm the worst at coming up with catchy titles for my blog posts.

So these are two more layouts I made for the May kit at 'The Paperie' this month.


Read the title-it says it all. When this happened-we got a flat tire on the way to meet our friends to pick up Eugene- I was in a car with two computer science nerds and a computer engineer. It sounded like the beginning of a joke "Two computer science nerds and a computer engineer get a flat tire...". Hence the title. Now, I should tell you that it was a quick and painless event but man was it funny to see them all sizing it up and working as a little team to get us back on the road again. I even took a video but I won't subject you to that.


 Love those tiny stickers by Jillibean Soup that I used for the title. They go a long way!

I also tried my hand at a little masking with a cool chevron mask-not something I would normally try but I like how it made some of the stars pop out on the kraft cardstock by My Mind's Eye.


When we were in Ottawa I also got to participate in a really cool event for my bf Sarah's birthday- a nail party!


 It was awesome. These two lovely ladies from Beauty School Dropouts- a kickin' name- came over to do all of our nails with some pretty funky designs-I got grey and violet chevon on my nails. Check out our party on their blog as well! They were really cool and had a million colours of nailpolish. I loved it & really, what a cool idea!


I'm having my birthday party in a few weeks and I'm thinking of some cool things to do. I've also been thinking of what I'm going to do for my 29th year-how will I make it EPIC & how will I document it. Giving that lots of thought as it's fast approaching. Any suggestions?!



  1. OOh that nail party looks awesome. You are totally right about the title of your first layout sounding like a joke. Glad you were not stuck on the side of the road for too long!

  2. Great pages - I like the title on the first page :) The masking turned out so cool! You should create a bucket list of what you like to do before your birthday and do a top 10 list layout....my two cents' worth!

  3. Love how that chevron mask created a tire tread look! Great pages!

  4. I love these pages, and the masking is really perfect! Enjoy your bday planning!