Friday, June 1, 2012

Five for Friday

Hello June. I can't believe you are here. We are excited for you though-trips to the cabin, trips to Ottawa & the end of school await us this month and we are looking forward to all of it! 

1. I made this salad for dinner this week. It was delicious. I think we need more salads in our lives-I've been pinning some interesting ones.

2. I discovered that my fav scrapbooker Kelly Purkey is going to be in Ottawa in September at Scrapbook & Cards Today's 'Crop & Create'. I WILL be making this happen. Great city + Kelly Purkey classes = heaven. Seriously. I'm so excited. Now I just have to make sure I get in the classes! I'll worry about the rest of the details later.

3. I've been noticing a lot of people-Jen Jockish for one-posting their 'anatomy of a layout' or their 'layout process'. I might try this sometime soon. I love seeing how others put their projects together.

4. My friend D left yesterday. Boooo! I'll miss her this summer but we had such a great time and did so many things while she was here. I got to have a 'staycation' and be a tourist in my own town. Everywhere we went people asked where I was from. I LOVED it. Here's a few of the highlights.

We went on a whalewatching tour...


...and toured The Rooms.


We 'partied' with the girls and celebrated my birthday!


D had french fries from Ziggy's! Yummy!


We hung out at V's new house with the girls!


We took Eugene on a big walk through Manuals River.


We found delicious chocolates from the Newfoundland Chocolate Company.


We had some awesome lunches including Piatto. 


5. We're heading out of town this weekend to hang out with some friends at a cottage. I'm pumped because cottage= s'mores and campfires and there's really nothing better. There's also beach. This will be Eugene's first road trip. He's been great in the car, wandering around town with us. So we're hopeful that he'll be just as good on the 3 hour drive! Wish us luck!


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  1. I would also love to go take a class with Kelly Purkey. But I have a feeling those tickets are going to sell out before I even get the chance to think about whether I should take a train to Ottawa.... It's a week before my 30th birthday - is that a lame birthday gift/party for myself? lol