Friday, June 22, 2012

Five for Friday?

Here's this week's edition of five  for Friday

1. School's our for Summer! Enough said.

2. I love the idea of using these new *Summer* themed digital elements by Ali Edwards in my summer manifesto album. May have to stick those in my shopping bag.

3. I want to pack like Wendy Nguyen. She is amazingly fashionable. Also, she knows how to pack a suitcase. I would also like a couple pairs of Louboutin's to take along on my next vacation.

4. I'm working on a little something that looks like this, and this, and this right now.Come back tomorrow for the full reveal! I'll be posting it in a long overdue Saturday DIY post.

5. I chose my "Summer reads" this past week. I do this every year but it's usually one two or three novels-easy reads that are mindless for those nights I just can't sleep at camp. With more time on my hands this summer I chose 5 + 1. I chose two photography books, one biography, an easy serious story and two guilty pleasures. The +1 is the last in the Grey series-I'm almost finished it and of course, it's one of my two guilty pleasures. I'll have a review on the books throughout the summer and keep you posted on my progress.


6. I have a cover that I use on my camera strap-partially cause I just hate the way the black looks and partially cause the strap hurts my neck- but I think it's time for a change and I think I could totally do this...

7. Melissa Mann made this awesome mini album this week which I just loved.  This week's challenge over at SC was in a mini-album as well and I just loved the concept of using your favorite photo  from each day of a vacation in a mini album.

8. On Cathy Z's blog this week she convinced me to get a free download of Rad Lab. I'm still playing with it but I like it so far!

So I went over my '5' quota. So much good stuff this week. Come back tomorrow for the big reveal on my new cabinet-my first Saturday DIY in ages.



  1. Great post I can't wait to see the reveal! Love Penny

  2. That DIY project looks really cool!!!