Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Menus

I lost my will to blog last week. Thursday and Friday turned into a long weekend hiatus from the blog.

But, I'm back and I think my mojo is returning too. I'm working on a little something for a summer project.


While *not* scrapbooking this week I did make some food decisions-and thus some delicious food.

I'm going to try and make something from Pinterest at least once a week over the summer. Being a teacher, I have the summer off so I'm going to be that great housewife who cooks & cleans and does the laundry-I do all of that anyway minus the cooking anyways but I'm trying to be a better cook. M is the cook & I bake.

So this week we made all kinds of things from Pinterest. So far I've tried:

1. Paremesan Roasted potatoes 

*Verdict: Delicious and easy.  Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

2. Grilled Peach Salad

*Verdict: Delicious. Who knew grilled peaches could be this yummy with mozzarella?

3. Fried Goat Cheese salad

*Verdict: Awesome way to amp up a lame strawberry spinich salad. 

 4. Chocolate chip cookies bowls

*Verdict: Less is more when covering the pan but overall delicious. 

5. Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

*Verdict: not the best picture but this is the buffalo chicken pulled in the slow cooker with the franks. It was delicious with the lettuce wraps though.

6. Mozzarella Sticks

 *Verdict: This was a dud. I thought it would taste good but nope. It's just not the same without the deep fryer.

So all but #6 will be making it into the rotation over here at our house. This week I'm hoping to try out these recipes.

1. Watermelon Feta salad

2. Cajun Chicken Fettuchine

3. Homemade Ice Cream sandwiches

Gotta love pinterest. Follow me on Pinterest. I love seeing what others are doing. It's a great source of inspiration. Got any recipes I should try? Link me up to them!

Happy Monday!



  1. Can I come and eat at your place. This looks lush!!!! Love the sneak!

  2. DELICIOUS post! Makes me hungry! Love the colors in the sneak!

  3. Oh my goodness I am hungry!!! Look at all this amazing food!!!

  4. Oh thanks for sharing your verdicts on these recipes! I have been attempting some of the recipes I've pinned and am making one of our favorites tonight-Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ crockpot chicken!

  5. I'm absolutely hungry now!!! =))) delicious post!

  6. Yum...what a great idea to pull from pinterest. i love seeing foodie posts...more ideas to add to my list. the two salads sounds amazing:)

  7. Love your sneaks, and the recipes sound sooooo good!

  8. the sneaks and recipes are great!

  9. That is a great idea! I have a big old pin board of recipes and I have tried one. I am a SAHM too so I don 't really have any excuses.