Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Schools Back In Session

School's back today in my neck of the woods. Honestly, it's the first day of school for everyone except substitute teachers. That's me.

So while everyone is back to work I am probably going to do some more of this...


Snuggles with my Eugene. Or scrapbook. Maybe a little of both.

Honestly I'm looking forward to it.  I mean, how can you not be excited to snuggle with this little fuzzy guy?!

I created this page because it's the simple things in life that are just the loveliest. Eugene doesn't nap in his bed often but I captured this moment not too long ago when he snuggled with his fluffy bunny Marvin in his own bed. So stinkin' cute. Look at that droopy ear.

I've bean hoarding some items that I ordered from A Life Handmade but deemed this layout worthy of one of the speech bubbles-the 'LOVE THIS'. I chopped the little piece off to make it a simple little cut out.


The combination with the little camera, the banner saying and a few other odds and ends makes it a perfect little cluster for this page.

Good luck to those of you headed back to school today! I'm sure my day will come eventually but until then I'm happy to snuggle and scrapbook.



  1. Love the photo but youve made the actuall page look warm & snuggly too lovly texture's & layer's xx

  2. Beautiful layout! I love the colour combination and the little embellishments. What a cute puppy!

  3. Love your color choices! Adorable photo!

  4. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Too cute!! He looks pretty content in there with his bunny.