Monday, October 29, 2012

Project Life Update

Hello & Good Day!

I'm sharing a few weeks of Project Life today. They're from a few weeks ago but I've accepted that there's just no 'keeping up' with it for me! So, instead of feeling guilty about not 'keeping up' I'm embracing getting a few more weeks done each time I sit down.

So here's the end of our September-which was pretty awesome!

Here's September 16-22:


I'm discovering- maybe a little too late-that the key to getting this done in a timely manner is writing on the pics as I edit them in Photoshop. That seems to cut down on a lot of my work when I put it all together.

You can see that I'm working on some of my September goals...


And I'm printing the journaling with the developer as well. Makes it that much easier.


This week's highlights include: Meeting a moose, lots & lots of walks with Eugene & M, lots of reading & some pizza throwing!

Here's September 17-30:


It's incomplete of course. Those two blocks on the extra page protector are for my blog entry about Crop & Create Ottawa and my experience meeting Kelly Purkey and discovering that she really is as awesome as her online persona portrays her to be!

The first page is dedicated to Sunday-Thursday. We had some puppy dates, hangs at the beach and Eugene decided he wanted to come to Ottawa with me!

The extra page protector & the second page are dedicated to my weekend in O-Town.


Lots of little sticker tags for a little note here and there this week!


Highlights include: Seeing my favs at March Academy! Meeting KP & sharing doughnuts. Seeing Vicki again because she just makes me giggle uncontrollably. Brunch with some of the best Ottawa peps in town. Staying at a besties house and having late night chats-she even let me gush about scrapbooking!

Doing PL reminds me how full life is every week. I always feel like I don't have enough to fill the week until I upload my photos from my iphone (a.k.a my #1 Project Life tool!)

Are you participating in Project Life? How do you do it every week? Any tips or tricks would be helpful!



  1. I love your pages, I am not keeping up either. It must have been exciting to see a moose, I have never seen one (we don't have them down here)

  2. Great PL spread! Thank you for the inspiration! I'm really behind on putting the PL photos in my binder, but at least I have them printed.

  3. I love that you took photos of books you read. I haven't tackled PL yet but I love everything about it.

  4. you're doing awesome with your PL. I do what I can.. not really bothered with keeping up or even keeping it week by week. :)

  5. That's great that you're keeping up so well! I am not doing PL this year, but did Project 365 in 2010, and that was quite a job, so I can totally appreciate how much work PL is. Yours is looking amazing!

  6. Great pages, I dont do PL I just dont quick I would have the time :)

  7. Good for you keeping this up.